The Strategic Direction

Achieving the regions environmental policy and sustainability goals will require a systematic and coordinated response from the region. Necessitating seamless collaboration between the regions Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) and Environment and Climate Change sectors. FEROSA through its transdisciplinary bottom-up approach is well-positioned to coordinate and support the various regional programmes in the STI and Environment and Climate Change sectors. To achieve this coordination, FEROSA, guided by the global research framework will deploy and support an inclusive, integrative, and solution-oriented research agenda.

The Operational Framework

The proposed structure and role of the FEROSA are highlighted below under three main engagement strategies that include Research, Networking, and Resource Mobilization, and People and Partners.


  • Fostering support for trans- and interdisciplinary research across key thematic areas that respond to regional challenges, e.g. water, food security, climate change, etc.
  • Support national and regional-level scientific research initiatives aligned with Future Earth research themes and programmes, as well as connecting regional researchers and societal partners to funding opportunities.

Networking and Resource Mobilization

  • Fostering networks of organizations nationally, regionally, and internationally. This will be achieved through the establishment and running of national and regional networks for Future Earth.
  • Creating platforms to enhance networks among regional experts as well as linkages with experts globally.
  • Promoting the strengthening of institutional support and identifying opportunities that encourages the next generation of scientists to tackle some of the world’s most pressing sustainability problems, with specific emphasis on regional innovation.
  • Leveraging existing human capacity programmes (workshops, training programmes/platforms and conferences) to enhance skills development among Future Earth stakeholders.
  • Create platforms to share funding opportunities.

Objectives of FEROSA

The goal of Future Earth is to develop the knowledge required for societies worldwide to face challenges posed by global environmental change and to identify and implement solutions and opportunities for a transition to global sustainability. Future Earth will answer fundamental questions about how and why the global environment is changing, what are likely future changes, what are the implications for humans and other species, and what opportunities reduce risks and vulnerabilities, enhance resilience, and create prosperous and equitable futures. Future Earth will show how this knowledge can inform and support actions for sustainable developments that enhance human wellbeing. Within this context, FEROSA has the responsibility of creating regional Future Earth programmes and projects that will address regional specific challenges and produce tailor-made solutions for the region.