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Jessica Cockburn

Ph.D. Student

I am currently (2017) a Ph.D. Student at Rhodes University (South Africa), in the Department of Environmental Science.I call myself a 'Pracademic in Training' to reflect my commitment to constantly working towards bridging the gap between practice and academia through my studies and research career. I firmly believe that as researchers, we need to take more responsibility for how the research we do impacts society, and to continually reflect on our role as researchers in society. We need to think not only about WHAT we research, but also HOW we do research.My work is mostly in the social-ecological realm – both in research and practice. I am currently working towards my Ph.D. (Environmental Science) and looking to establish myself as an academic in the field of social-ecological research. I would however like to keep my links to the practice of environmental work alive through research-practice collaborations and partnerships.You can see my website here.