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Eva Alfredsson

Researcher, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH

Eva Alfredsson is a policy analyst at the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis commissioned by the Swedish government to provide the government with an advanced knowledge base and recommendations to develop the state’s work to promote sustainable growth and business development. Eva’s work at Growth analysis focus on issues related to the green transition of industry. Eva has taken part in several parliamentary inquiries as an expert. Last one being the Swedish government committee (M 2010:04) developing a climate policy framework which passed as a climate law in 2018. Eva is also a part time researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, at the department for Strategic Sustainability Studies. There she has been part of a group of researchers exploring scenarios for sustainable development beyond traditional BNP-growth. Currently she is involved in a research project reviewing the climate co-benefits literature. Eva is a senior advisor at the think tank Global Challenges where she led an expert group exploring the Green Economy ahead of Rio+20. The investigation resulted in a prestudy “The Inclusive Green Economy — Shaping society to serve sustainability — minor adjustments or a paradigm shift? (2014). Eva received her PhD at Umeå University in 2002, at the Environmental Spatial Modelling Centre. Her research focused on green consumption, energy use and carbon dioxide emission using a micro-simulation model in which the rebound effect was internalized. Eva´s research interest is on how to transit to an inclusive pluralistic green economy - at the required speed.

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