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Bassam Badran

Dean, Faculty of Sciences, Lebanese University; Member, Future Earth Regional Center Advisory Committee

Education: • 1997-1999 : DEA in Molecular Biology, Free University of Brussels(ULB) • 1999-2003: PhD in Molecular Immunology ULB under the direction of Prof. Philippe Martiat; thesis topic: “Identification of the human CD3 gene promoter, characterization of specific promoter elements and analysis of their activity in normal and HIV-infected CD4+ T cells”. Professional Experience: • 2003-2005: Scientific Collaborator (ULB) (Laboratory of Experimental Hematology) • 2005-2009: Research Fellow (FNRS) (ULB) (Laboratory of Experimental Hematology) • 2010-2015: Director of the Platform of Research and Analysis in Environment and Sciences; Doctoral School of Science and Technology (Lebanese University) Coordinator of: • Immunology Master • Molecular Biology Master • Molecular Diagnostic and Forensic Sciences Master Since 2014: Coordinator of the steering committee of scientific research at the Faculty of Science, Lebanese University Since 2017: Dean of the Faculty of Sciences; Lebanese University

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